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Serious buyers need to hustle in a seller’s market. 

Time wasted on seeing and bidding on the WRONG house means an opportunity lost on another house within budget. 

Smart buyers have done their research online and do not hesitate to bid on the RIGHT house. 

Submitting offers to a house just by seeing it online is not unheard of. 


But how do they know your home is the RIGHT house to spend their LIFE SAVINGS on? 


Millennial made up the largest share of home buyers.  

95% of them are more likely to call about houses with 3D tours. 

Are you sure your listing with just text and photos can attract enough of them to start a bidding war? 


Save you and your buyers’ time by adding a 3D tour in your listing.  


Let serious buyers tour your home online anytime, get approvals from their spouses and families to reinforce their decisions. 

Help them bid confidently by immersing themselves in THEIR upgraded kitchen, elegant master bathroom and beautiful balcony/backyard in THEIR new home. 

Give them a reason to lift all conditions by seeing how everything is well maintained. 


Add 3D tour to SELL your home faster, get more offers with higher values.  


Besides, you also don’t want random people poking around and touching your home too much at this time, do you? 

At Rick Lew Real Estate 3D tour is standard for all our client listings. 

Get your new renos and upgrades their worth, DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS. 

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 Other Rick Lew Advantages: 

 Avoid Delays or Glitches 

  • Selling a home is a complicated process. We have a team of support staff to avoid missing or delaying anything. 
  • We also have a roster of home stager, cleaner, inspector and contractor to help prep your home making sure it is ready for prime time. 

Comparative Market Analysis 

  • Unrealistic pricing is the #1 mistake to sell your home.  
  • We use latest market data to help you set a competitive and realistic price. 


  • Negotiation is time consuming and stressful. 
  • We are confident to get the best price for you on the negation table, so you don’t have to. 

Constant Communication 

  • We are online around the clock screening every inquiry for your home according to your goals. 
  • With us, you can make informed decisions only for things that matter. 

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